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Lee Blevins

Kevin in the Tree

Subject: RE Kevin

to: Mandy Clarke, Bill Randall, Henrietta Simmons, Adam Bloch, Olivia Quisenberry, Satyajit Ghosh, Samantha Tompkins, Brad Kline, Thomas Ziegler, Rhonda Evans

cc: Kevin Garvin

Sales Team,

Some of you probably noticed that Kevin has climbed the tree. I went out and spoke to him earlier but he won’t be coming down just yet.

Gossip about why Kevin felt the need to go up in the tree in the first place is just counter productive. No one knows why Kevin climbed that tree except for Kevin. And he won’t tell me.

Try not to look at Kevin while he is in the tree. I don’t want to upset him. I would almost say shut the blinds but I would hate for no one to able to see him if he fell.

This should go without saying but, please, whatever else you do, do not join Kevin in the tree. I’m just not sure how much weight those branches can hold.

Any calls that would normally go to Kevin can go to Drew. Unless one of those calls is about why Kevin is in the tree. Then that should go to me.

Keep up the good work!

Donald Prater
On Site Supervisor


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