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Jeff Encke

they are overawed beasts

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we find that man possesses

not pure consciousness
but the form of vice-versa

agitated layers of air
sounds as old as consciousness

the animal does not exist as a relation
does not enter

language       the necessity of intercourse

with others appearing
the immediate sensuous environment

distinguished from sheep only by labor
in the sexual act

for nature is social life itself

about the eggs we have laid

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quite a few eye shows

to harass the nation
within the jurisdiction of penal law

works of art are
in principle the way they are

no longer catchwords
forceful will           original primitivism

a clean house            a domain
of phrase-mongering

recommendations of worthless
claptrap or jabbering

to see meadows blue
skies green       clouds sulfur yellow

the Ministry of Interior
that intimidated soul

beyond this      I am an art criminal
just like everyone else

so spectacular matters

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only thus can art become
capital                       shares

with all their attendant means

colleges and academies
without cruel liberty

the bourgeoisie's cuts
many millions spent

the strong man
unable to make a living

quote that proverb
the fetters of want

kill, fly faster

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when all else fails
I would like to sleep

with an exemplary strictness
into a waking state

in the eye of that
such and such idea

should I not grant sleeping philosophers
my repudiation?

daily more acute?

the woman disturbs it
which makes me grow again

the secrets of dark night scarcely express themselves

to this dream

the key to the corridor

still it's only Purgatory

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any mediocre baptism

only a few complimentary tickets
to our salvation, our perdition

Curie's absentmindedness
to pass on pure expression

ruin all other mechanisms
the glowing mind that plunges

excitement      drowning

yet ill-disposed toward me
at the trial of the real world

with respect to vehicles
in tune with war

the functioning of thought
exempt from play

I am defining psychic automatism
as all the insurmountable moments

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