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Scott Summers

Larva Live

Editor's note: "Larva Live" is the image we used to set the mood while we were building the Menacing Hedge website. The artist, Scott Summers, has graciously allowed us to use the image as our introductory and header graphic. Since the mural is quite large and faces another wall, we could not get our camera far enough back to take a full picture square-on. To give you a better sense of the full mural, we present here an angled shot from farther away:

Larva Live

Next to the image is the artist's placard:

Larva Live placard

The mural is on the back wall of The Trading Musician, at 5908 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle. If you're ever in the area, check it out, and maybe enjoy brunch at Café Racer next door. We just might see you there.

Larva Live map

And don't miss his space alien mural while you're there:

space alien mural

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