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Misti Rainwater-Lites

Old White Woman's Fat Husband

He sees something in my eyes, he says,
something for him only,
a kind of daring fire
that consumes his feet.
He wants to dance.
I am yummy sexually peaking cunt
married to man too often away.
I am poor white woman too often writhing
to no satisfaction.
He is rich white man
old and fat
but more than I
will ever be.
At night his spirit travels across Texas
to suck my nipples
lick my lips
whisper his benevolence in each ear.
I shudder with orgasm and disgust.
I close my mind with a click.
I let him stay.

Love Note Scribbled on Eviction Notice

My darling my twin my cannibal hero
come to destroy and devour—
I cannot be enough for you, ever.
You kill me with your tender hatred
and the cells regenerate
prettier each time
for the gruesome ball.
Starlight sticks me all over
and the bugs crawl across my blue.
Here I am, your gooseflesh girl,
anxious for the acceptance
of your maw.

Big Night Out

I enter the consumer whore warehouse
ugly numb drained.
My grocery list tattoo is itching.
Soon I will be divorced from the father
of my son.
I will learn to fend for myself
in the Texas wilderness on disability
and cabbage luck.
My son will ask hundreds of questions
and will continue to suck his thumb,
needing much more than he
will ever be given.

I light up at the sight of my favorite
kind of grapes, black seedless,
so often not found.
I want to bake an unbirthday cake
for my son but the cake batter aisle
is closed for polishing.
I grab the latest celebrity news.
Gwen Stefani kicks my ass at motherhood
and marriage.
She takes her son to get a blue mohawk.
Who knows what daily miracles she performs
for Gavin.
All these celebrities smiling with genuine fondness
at their charming cherubim...
I could puke but my stomach
is empty.

The fat acne face cashier ignores me
then flirts with the skinny guy behind me.
I don't even get a thank you.

Trash blows across the parking lot.
I would like to wake up from this dream,
find myself someplace prettier.
Not that I deserve such bounty.


little man wishes to speak
to director of crazy
the heat is switched on
lamp on pimple
iron on trousers
sun on Scottie

Scottie is sillier
than six of us stacked together
Scottie spits out gum and this gem:
"Washrooms with the mouth laughter
and locations on elbows completely
like frog!"

could not say
with the mouth better
which was filled
with penny nails

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